Monday, September 14, 2009

First Post- How original

Just finished watching Whitney Houston on Oprah while making centerpull yarn balls for my Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole.
I can't believe that she described how you smoke cocaine to Oprah.
What I love about knitting is learning new things. Sometimes it's stitch, or a new cast on, or the fact that I have now knit 6 pairs of socks..... how awesome is that!
As I said earlier I am working on the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style. With this project alone I have learned a new cast on (the backwards loop), how to knit entrelac (not so easy when the pattern leaves out 2 important turns) and how to make a center pull ball.
The backwards loop was kinda tricky. I went to the index and couldn't quite figure it out, but thanks to I was able to view a video tutorial and voila!
Then the whole entrelac knitting thing seemed pretty easy, knit a little, turn your work, knit back over what you just worked. Well halfway through the first tier I realized that something just wasn't looking right. If I followed the directions then I would be purling on the right side of my scarf and that just didn't look right to me. I consulted the pics in the book, ravelry and even checked for errata on the publishers website....nothing. But something told me that I needed to turn my work and purl on the wrong after ripping out and starting over for the third time I decided to go for it, not as a friend and knitting guru once told me " trust in the process" because trusting seemed like I was going to end up with a "fugly" stole. I went out on a limb and turned my knitting and damned if it wasn't the right thing to do.
That was the moment when I discovered that I was a good knitter. Sometimes part of the process is trusting yourself.
Days later when I was again perusing ravelry I finally found 1 person who posted that the pattern had left out 2 turns!!
One of my favorite knitting books on the planet is Stitch N Bitch: The Knitters Handbook. When I first started knitting I checked it out from the library over and over again until my boyfriend finally bought it for me. I'll tell that story later ( he is also responsible for finding Stitch N Bitch Nation for me as well).
So before I started the Lady Eleanor I wanted to wind the hanks of yarn prior to knitting it. I was planning on buying a ball winder, but funds are tight right now and I decided to just wind by hand. Not exactly the most exciting activity but when in a recession a girl needs to save her extra money for actual yarn. That was when I remembered reading somewhere about making your own center pull yarn balls? So off to my knitting bookshelf (shutup, so I'm yarn obsessed) I found my go to yarn bible and there in the first few chapters I found it. So I propped myself on the couch, wrapped the hank around my feet and proceeded to wind my yarn. And the coolest works!
I have been knitting from the first ball for about a week now and it has held up beautifully. I just keep pulling and knitting from the center and it hasn't collapsed. If you haven't done it you should try it.
Here's a picture of the four that I wound while watching Oprah.

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