Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Gift

The boy was unsure of what to get me for my birthday, so he got me a gift card from Jo Ann Fabrics.
You see I quickly learned when I started knitting (wow, 2 years ago) that knitting was not going to be a cheap little hobby.
So I devised a strategy. Yarn from LYS's and online, books and needles from Jo Anns and Michaels. I tend to lean more towards Jo Ann's because you can use your coupons on books and magazines. And anyone on Jo Ann's mailing list knows that those 40% off coupons come on almost a weekly basis and every 2-3 weeks the 50% off coupon!!
Well, you combine a $30.00 gift card, one 50% off coupon and four 40% off coupons and what do you get?

Happiness that's what you get. And you also get one skein of yarn so that at the last minute you can make your mother a Christmas gift.

This is the Little Bit of Oomph scarf from "The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics".

If you're without a gift and you are pressed for time let me recommend this scarf. Chunky yarn, size 11 needles and a few hours later you have a gift!
All hail the yarn gods.

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