Saturday, January 8, 2011


Where the Yarn Harlot leads I follow.
When I discovered the joy of knitting socks, I was enamored with the idea of joining a sock club. It sounded so cool. A few friends in my knitting circle were in different ones and I would gaze in wonder at the new yarns, gifts and patterns that they would receive each month. So I decided that I would join one too.
After some searching I soon found out that those sock clubs don't come cheap, and I vowed that one day when funds permitted I would join one. Over the last year and a half of living a semi-civilian life ( I say semi-civilian because I haven't completely given up my artistic ways....sshh don't tell my boss) funds have started to permit. And with the coming of the new year I thought that this would definitly be the year that I would join a sock club. I even had a few picked out. I was just waiting for registrations to open up and with credit card at the ready, I stalked several sites just waiting for my chance to pounce and start receiving my monthly shipment of sock yarn wonderfulness.
But then over the last few weeks a few things happened.
1) I started catching up on The Yarn Harlot's Blog.
2) I finally organized my yarn stash
3) I started to plan for my return to my previous artistic way of life.
For those of you who don't follow the Yarn Harlot, here's the inspiration. Over the last year she has been participating in her own self imposed sock club. She began the year by going thru her sock yarn and favorite patterns, put them all nicely into baggies and then stuck them in a closet. Each month she reached into the closet pulled out a bag at random and knit that sock.
I had decided after going to the DFW Fiberfest that I really needed to start knitting more from my stash and to also start knitting patterns from my ever growing library of knitting books.
Add one and two to the fact that even though I got a nice promotion, every day I yearn more and more for a life that doesn't include a timeclock, meetings and me having to wear "business casual" everyday and BAM!, the Tapgurl Sock Club was born.
So this week I gathered up all of my sock yarn. Then looked through all of my favorite patterns found some favorites and matched them up with my sock yarn stash.

Then I put my yarn and patterns into 11 different baggies, 1 pair will be striped knee socks so I'm giving myself 2 months for that pair. Hunted around in my closet for my travel hamper, threw them all in, shook it all about and came up with January's sock.

The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug the colorway is Toucan that I purchased in Austin last year when the boy and I went on vacay. I have been saving this yarn for the perfect pattern, and I realized that I wasn't going to find it. So, it's going to be plain stockinette. When in doubt, stockinette it out!
No shipping and handling, no waiting til next month. I know that I will like the yarn and best of all $200-$300 dollars saved!
Viva la Harlot!

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lovetocraft said...

Great idea and I know it's not as fun as buying new yarn. But man, that's a good stash you have going there!! Think I will do the same thing you did, but you know with me it's not going to be socks!!!! :)