Friday, November 20, 2009

I have new yarn...and probably so do you

All is right in my world. The hacking and coughing and general nastiness is gone. My job is going great, and then there is this.
That's right friends and neighbors that would be the look of new yarn in my life. Yesterday was payday, and after the usual bill paying was done Miss Carmen had some leftover coin so I stopped at my LYS and bought me some WOOL!
From left to right you are looking at 2 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca light and 1 skein of Boomerang in White Zinfandel. And it's all for me.
And part of the fun of it was having it wound for me. Now I know that in one of my earlier posts I extolled the virtues of making your own center pull ball. But that was the broke me talking. The employed me could actually walk into said yarn establishment, leisurly pick out the yarn that I wanted and say "Why yes, I would like it wound. "
I have a few left over hanks in my stash for future knitting that I will probably wind on my own, but for now I am basking in the cuteness that is the professionally wound yarn cake.
And then...when I got home from work today, what was in my mailbox but this.
That's right. More YARN! And this package came with needles. Some of you are already familiar with the packaging, but this being my first package from Knit Picks I just had to share. That is 3 skeins of Dougherty Shamrock and 2 sets of DPN's size 7 and 9. I am making the boy a pair of fliptop mittens for Xmas and all of the fixins' came today.
I have another package coming in a few days with a different color yarn that I might use instead. The boy likes green and this yarn didn't photograph very well on the website, it looks so much better in person, so to be on the safe side I ordered another color.... and it's on it's way.
So with all of this yarny goodness I guess you can say that I have definitly got my knitting mojo back because I have finished my Coraline Scarf.

And I have been working on this Corrugator scarf for my dad.
But alas, I have run out, so tomorrow I must visit another yarn store and get
more YARN!
Oh and did I forget to mention that I started working on these.
That's right more yarn. This I purchased as a "you made it through the storm" gift for myself a couple of weeks ago. My first foray back into the land of retail after the big "U" this summer. And what's a fine upstanding yarn geek gonna do but buy herself some yarn.
And since I had been out of sock yarn since July and it was already October, it seemed only fitting.
Currently I am knitting the Peaks N Valleys Sock pattern in the new Kristin Nicholas yarn Best Foot Forward. I just love me some Kristin Nicholas. I can't wait to buy more Julia so that I can do more projects from "Kristin Knits". But I will.
So what are you knitting?

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